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Judge Dee novels by Robert van Gulik

In order of first publication in English

The Chinese Maze Murders 1956 The Chinese Maze Murders
The Chinese Bell Murders 1958 The Chinese Bell Murders
The Chinese Gold Murders 1959 The Chinese Gold Murders
The Chinese Lake Murders 1960 The Chinese Lake Murders
The Chinese Nail Murders 1961 The Chinese Nail Murders
The Haunted Monastery 1961 The Haunted Monastery
The Red Pavilion 1961 The Red Pavilion
The Lacquer Screen 1962 The Lacquer Screen
The Emperor’s Pearl 1963 The Emperor’s Pearl
The Monkey and the Tiger 1965 The Monkey and the Tiger
The Willow Pattern 1965 The Willow Pattern
The Phantom of the Temple 1966 The Phantom of the Temple
Murder in Canton 1966 Murder in Canton
Necklace and Calabash 1967 Necklace and Calabash
Judge Dee at Work 1967 Judge Dee at Work
Poets and Murder 1968 Poets and Murder